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We do roof coatings in the Helsinki region

When was the last time you peeked at the roof? Do you see patches there, does the color seem to have seen its best days?

If, in addition to the above, the roof is starting to be over a decade old, this too is a sign that a roof coating would now be in order. By coating a still intact roof, it gets extra years of life and a bright appearance that you will definitely notice. 

By coating, you do a service to the roof and yourself, as coating:

  • postpones the need for an expensive roof renovation
  • together with a moss prevention agent applied after washing, helps prevent new growth for years
  • protects the roof from external strains from storms to severe frosts and scorching sun
  • eases roof maintenance
  • updates the roof's appearance
  • significantly extends the roof's lifespan.

We coat tile roofs, metal roofs, and other types of roofs, including those of large buildings like barns, halls, and similar structures. Request a free mapping visit from us! It will clarify, in addition to the price, whether the roof is suitable for coating or perhaps just a simple wash would suffice!

From us, you will always get an honest estimate of the required maintenance work. We serve in Tuusula, Helsinki, Vantaa, and other areas of the metropolitan region and surrounding municipalities.

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