Cleaning is part of roof rehabilitation

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Whether your roof is made of felt, tile, or metal, maintenance cleaning will get it in shape!

No roof remains tidy, even if rain occasionally washes away debris and other dirt. Leaves, branches, moss, and other nuisances need to be regularly cleaned off the roof; otherwise, it starts to deteriorate, leading to a premature renovation.

Why and when should the roof be cleaned?

  • The best time for cleaning is between spring and autumn.
  • Cleaning removes moss and other impurities from the roof that can damage its surface over time - this significantly reduces the risk of an expensive roof renovation.
  • A costly renovation will not happen too soon if roof cleanings are done regularly.
  • The roof will shine like new after cleaning!

If necessary, a coating is applied during cleaning if the tile surface is eroded or if there are signs of rust or paint peeling on a metal roof. With the coating, the roof gets a new-like, durable surface, which helps significantly extend the roof's life. During roof cleaning, we can also clean rainwater systems and replace broken tiles.

Request a free roof cleaning survey from us! We maintain roofs from Tuusula through Vantaa, the rest of the Helsinki area, and its surrounding municipalities.

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