Frequently Asked Questions

Does the work come with a warranty, and how long is it?

We offer a 2-year warranty for coatings, and if the customer follows the maintenance instructions provided by the contractor, the warranty extends to 5 years. The products we use also come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Is it worth it to coat the roof?

Definitely YES! Cleaning and coating the roof significantly extends its lifespan. Some may promise up to 20 years, but we talk about up to 15 years, as durability is influenced by many factors including whether the location is near trees or in a city, how the roof is maintained and kept clean, and our weather conditions, which can be quite variable.

Does it cost anything if I request an inspection visit?

No, the inspection visit is a service we offer to our customers regardless of whether they choose another company to do the work.

Do you perform roof maintenance?

Yes, we do. You can order roof and gutter cleaning from us, and if necessary, also washing. The roof may require washing to remove dirt so that the surface remains in good condition for as long as possible. During the washing, we also apply a moss control agent (for tile roofs) to prevent moss growth. During the maintenance visit, we also check and replace any broken tiles, and if the customer does not have tiles, these are also available for purchase from us. For metal roofs, we check the condition of the roofing, and if we observe flaking or rust, we discuss the necessary actions with the customer. In addition, we check the condition and attachment of the roof safety products.

I am thinking of changing my garage door to an overhead door, what should I do?

Request a visit from us, we will measure the door and inform you of the options. If you are interested in a quote for Hörmann doors, we will provide you with one.

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