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From us, roof safety products, rainwater systems, and building sheet metals in the Helsinki region

Does your house need new roof safety products? Are the gutters hanging, are the downspouts dripping, or is the chimney sheet metal sagging?

Houses require guides to divert rainwater away from the building to prevent damage. Safety products ensure uninterrupted access to the roof and safe movement on it. Building sheet metals are also important protective parts that your home needs.

From us, you get

  • Building Sheet Metals: chimney sheeting, gable sheets, window sheets, threshold sheets, and other sheeting, of course, custom-made for your home.
  • Roof Safety Products: wall ladders, ridge ladders, snow barriers, and walkways.
  • Rainwater Systems: additionally, through us, renewing of gutters and downspouts.

If you're looking for a supplier and installer of these products in the Tuusula, Helsinki, Vantaa, or other metropolitan and surrounding areas, give us a call or send us a message! We're happy to come over to see what's needed. If the roof also needs a wash or coating, we can handle these tasks at the same time.

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