Felt Roof Cleaning and Coating

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Let Your Roof Shine: Felt Roof Cleaning and Coating in Uusimaa and Surrounding Municipalities

Does your felt roof have "bubbles" or are the seams starting to gape? The surface is worn, perhaps with some cracks visible?

No worries! Did you know that even very worn felt roofs can be cleaned and coated, giving the roof an additional lifespan of up to 10 years, and much more with regular maintenance. We use a product called Plastimul High Flex Plus – a bituminous sheet roofing maintenance coating and sealing compound, specifically developed for sealing and coating felt roofs.


  • UV-protected
  • Excellent elongation at break 700%
  • Broof(t2) fire classification

Technical Features

Plastimul High Flex Plus is a solvent-free compound made from a bitumen-water emulsion. Once dry, Plastimul High Flex Plus forms an elastic, watertight surface that does not need protection from UV radiation after application and does not re-emulsify, even in prolonged contact with water. Plastimul High Flex Plus meets the requirements set by the standard EN 15814 for polymer-modified thick bituminous waterproofing for underground structures. The radon gas diffusion coefficient of the Plastimul High Flex Plus coating is 6.98 · 10-13 m2 s-1, so it is also approved as a passive radon barrier.

Felt Roof Cleaning and Coating in a Nutshell:

The condition of the felt roof is assessed before starting work. Any "bubbles" are opened and glued down, loose seam areas are sealed, and other areas requiring sealing are repaired. The roof is cleaned with a high-pressure washer, which effectively removes dirt. The roof is coated with Plastimul High Flex Plus compound, providing a durable and impermeable surface.

The color of the compound is black.

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